Does Retin-A cream work on 1 year pregnancy stretch marks?

hi my daughter is now 13 months my stretch marks are clearly shown although it is my first birth delivery.. i used a lot of creams and oils now im reading about Retin-A cream is it good and can it fade my stretch marks that have been from only one year?? Im not pregnant nor breastfeeding so do u recommend to use this cream now ?plz reply fast thnxxxx

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  The best responses to treatment of stretch marks are obtained when they are treated while still fresh, but there are treatments available for stretch marks of any age.  You will see only minimal response to RetinA used by itself. Much better and in fact the best responses are seen with #microneedling with PRP, and sometimes injecting PRP in larger amounts into the stretch marks at a deeper level in addition to Microneedling. If the stretch marks are red, lasers that target hemoglobin such as GentleLase can also be employed.  All the best!  Dr. Clark

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