What procedure can fix my face after an accident that happened a year ago? (photos)

I was in a car accident a year ago, and it resulted in a fractured occipital bone. The surgeon I saw did not want to do surgery. But I notice a difference. My right eye looks sunken in, there is some obvious sagging in the upper lid. My brow also seems to sag. I noticed some changes with my nose, which has always been rather large, but it's crooked now. This accident has made my self esteem plummet and even my boyfriend told me I'm not attractive.What procedure can get me back to my normal self?

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What procedure can fix my face?

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First of all, dump the boyfriend. He sounds like a jerk. It is difficult to tell exactly what is going on based on your pictures. Facial trauma that results in drooping of the brow can indicate an injury to a branch of your facial nerve that passes near the eyebrow and acts to elevate the brow.  A sunken eye can indicate a fracture of the orbital floor.  This will not be corrected without surgery. It is not obvious from your pictures that you have this injury.  The occipital bone is in the back of your skull.   An injury to this bone would not likely contribute to the symptoms you describe.   My recommendation is to seek a consultation with a maxillofacial surgeon who is experienced with facial trauma. That way the exact nature of your injuries can be determined. Best wishes to you!

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Facial and head trauma

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I agree with Dr. Miles... Don't believe the boyfriend! You are very attractive! Often the aftermath of trauma is not evident until later - especially with occult blow-out fractures and partial facial nerve issues. The brow can be corrected in an office setting without a lot of down time. The sunken appearance of the right eye is a little more complicated and may involve getting a CT scan of the orbit to evaluate. I would recommend seeing an Oculoplastic surgeon for the eye and orbital exam. It is important to understand all the risks and benefits of orbital surgery to correct enophthalmos (sunken appearance). To tackle all of the problems you pointed out, you would need more than one procedure - the orbit and brow could be addressed by an Oculoplastic surgeon and the nose - by a cosmetic ENT surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon. It is possible that the three components of surgery could be done at the same time - general anesthesia - with one down time. Best wishes on your decisions.

Sara A. Kaltreider, MD
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