How long should I wait before getting my next small surgery by just filling the hump down?

I have gotten a nose job due to having a hump on my nose. After 3 months of the surgery I still notice the hump. I was to get the hump filed down again, how long should I wait before I do that?

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Wait longer

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If it is just filing a small residual bump, I usually wait 6 month or longer. However, it is really up to the surgeon.  He/she knows what is in there.

Revision rhinoplasty for a dorsal hump removal

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It's probably best to wait at least one year after the primary rhinoplasty before undergoing another procedure. This gives  time for the tissues to completely heal and settle down before electing to undergo a procedure.

Timing of 2nd Rhinoplasty

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I would recommend to wait a minimum of 9 months before undergoing even a small revision procedure. With your patience, the surgeon will be able to provide a more accurate improvement.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Revision rhinoplasty

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I would wait a full year before considering a revision. Best to give it more time to heal. Good luck.

Rhinoplasty Revision

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For a minor hump removal, you could have this treated as soon as 3 months.  Without a picture, it's difficult to tell and sometimes it's better to wait.  I would check with your surgeon about the perfect timing. 

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