Asking about lip lifting and distance required between nose and upper lip

I'm wearing braces and the distance between my upper lip and nose is short maybe 1.2 cm now but i know that if i take off the braces the distance will increase to 1.4 or 1.5. I don't want to do lip augmentation i want the lip lifting procedure and i want to do it wearing braces. is that possible?need an answe

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Lip lift and braces

 I suggest you wait until the braces are removed before doing any surgical lip repositioning. It is also important to understand that the dimensions you quote are not nearly as important as what the overall appearance is and that takes into account all the other aspects of ones face. When the braces are off and if you still truly need a lip revision I would make sure you only have work done at the border of the nose ( sill margin ) and not above or at the vermillion border of the lip which leaves an unacceptable and unsightly scar.

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