I had mohs surgery on my left nostril in March. Now there is restricted air flow compared the right. Is this normal?

The physician used stitches to close the wound and the left nostril now after the surgery looks smaller vs the right nostril. I had restricted air flow immediately after the surgery and I was hoping it would improve but it has not. I do have a follow-up appt in August.

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Restricted Air Flow After Surgery for Skin Cancer on Nostril

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It takes 6-12 months to get the final result following any type of surgery so it is possible that it will improve with time. At the same time it is possible that the closure may have effected the internal or external nasal valves. Scarring or distortion in these areas may decrease air flow. The fact that you see one nostril being significantly smaller than the other would also suggest that this may be the problem. Talk to your doctor about the problem and what can be done to improve it, and if you're not satisfied with the options or the result, it doesn't hurt to see another doctor for a second opinion. Good luck.

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