I hate my teeth. Invisalign, veneers, lumineers, which one is best for me? (Photo)

Hi, I am 33 years old female with terrible teeth. I went to many doctors each one advised me with a different treatment so I am confused. I am very conscious to wear braces and woul prefer a quicker more invisible option. Would veneers or lumineers work for me? Dental #teeth #cosmetic dentistry #crooked #orthodontic #invisalign #braces #vineers

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Consider clear aligners

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Although your upper  teeth can be enhanced with veneers I would recommend for you to highly consider orthodontics. Since you have crowding and overjet issues, it would be ideal to correct your teeth with orthodontics. To expedite your time in clear aligners or traditional braces you can use AcceleDent, orthodontic accelerator, which can cut your treatment time in nearly half! Your overall results will look excellent.All the best,

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Invisalign. Veneers are not necessary

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I'm sorry you hate your teeth. One of the most rewarding things for a cosmetic dentist is being able to help someone who feels like you do. I've done that many many times over my career, and it's why I love what I do!  You can be a candidate for Invisalign, and I believe you could be treated and about 12 months. Conventional Orthodontics would probably take two years or more. In the initial phase of Invisalign, I would expand your Upper Arch which would allow the Lower Arch to expand. After the expansion portion, the crowding can be addressed and your teeth can be moved into their proper position within the newly-expanded arches. Your lower anterior teeth would be proclined forward to address any overjet issues, and some intrusion of the upper central incisors could be accomplished.  Following Invisalign you would need some cosmetic reshaping of the teeth that have been chipped due to the crowding and malocclusion that have been present. I want to emphasize as well that you will need esthetic crown lengthening following orthodontic treatment as you show excessive gum between your lip and the tooth. Good luck with your treatment and within a year you should be very very happy with your new smile. Please interview dentists or orthodontists who are highly experienced and Invisalign, and I'm sure someone can help you. They should be able to show you photographs of cases that they worked on that are similar to yours, and this should give you the confidence to know that you can be treated with Invisalign to get the results you're hoping for.

Crooked teeth

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Thanks for posting the pictures.You really need to consider doing conventional orthodontics. You are not a candidate for a quick cosmetic fix such as veneers or lumineers. Orthodontics will provide the best long term result. Most adult orthodontic treatment takes 18-24 months. People will understand that you are trying to improve your health and applaud your efforts. Good luck.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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