Does my gair go back to normal after a sleeve surgery?

I had the surgery 5 months ago. My hair is falling a lot. Will it grow again?

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Stomach surgery with hair loss

In men who have a stressful surgery and hair loss, they often do not regrow their hair because it triggers the genes that cause hair loss. In women, this is not the case and most women who lose hair will regrow it in 8+ months or less

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Does hair grow back that was lost after a gastric sleeve surgery?

Hyatt Yassin,An increase in hair loss can be seen a few months after any surgery, resulting from telogen effluvium from the stress of surgery and anesthesia. But there  also can be hair loss that results from rapid weight loss protein and caloric malnutrition. There can also be telogen effluvium that results from iron and other nutritional deficiencies.It is best to go see your surgeon for a check up. 
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Hair loss after sleeve surgery

Hair loss is common after sleeve surgery. The type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium and is due to the weight loss itself as well as nutrient deficiencies.
Everyone with hair loss after sleeve surgery needs blood tests - no exceptions. In my patients with hair loss from gastric surgery,  I test iron (ferritin), TSH, B12, zinc, selenium, copper, 25 hydroxy-vitamin D.Please see your physician if you are concerned. 

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