How can i fix my Droopy eyelid without surgery? (photo)

i am 27 years old and i have this droopy eyelid , i am afraid of surgery so could you please recommend any other options for my case. (photo )

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Eyelid drooping--Non Surgical Recommendation

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Thank you for the photo provided. Finding the underlying issue as to why you have the amount of volume that has dissipated in the upper eyelid region is the first step to overall outcome of your results. To provide you with the results you can potentially have I suggest using a special combination technique of using nano fat and injecting it into the thin layer of skin within the upper eyelid. This will create the volume and build up of collagen over time to create the purity/value of the injection and harvesting of the fat. Please consult with an expert on facial symmetry and injectables if you would like to see a non surgical solution without any side effects.

Beverly Hills Physician
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Nonsurgical Treatment of Eyelid Asymmetry

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Everyone's face is naturally asymmetric, but unfortunately even slight a difference around the eyes stands out easily.  While surgery (more specifically, an upper eyelid blepharoplasty) may be a definitive treatment, there are obvious risks that go along with this and it is understandable to seek out less invasive options first.I think one for you to consider before surgery would be a little bit of well-placed Botox and filler on the affected side.  By filling your lateral brow fat pad with a bit of filler like Juvederm or Restylane and small amount of Botox to your lateral orbicularis muscle (right around the tail of your eyebrow), you could get a slight raise on that side; which is all your really need.  This would be a simple, non-invasive option to consider before surgery.  The filler is easily reversible if you don't like it and the Botox would last about 3-4 months.

Andrew Breithaupt, MD
Torrance Dermatologic Surgeon

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