5 months rhinoplasty, and i hate my nose, and i cant breath from one side at all. (photo)

5 months after rhinoplasty , i had my dorsal hump removed , and septum straightened (supposed to be straighten) , after cast remove nose look just fine, but anyways i coudnt breath , after 5 months , look how it became and anyways i cant breath , need help , what happened ? what the F*** is this??

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

I recommend to check up with your surgeon and let him see you and establish a communication with him and check your from inside and see if there is any sinequea in the nose or any breath problems. With this fotos is hard to evaluate all the nose, but yes I see some central deviation that maybe could be some inflammation in the recovery period that takes 1 year and must be address with 5FU or CE. Best regards.

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