Can I Leave my Baby Canines for Now?

I am 33 and still have both baby canines in my upper jaw. My adult canines are next to them where my adult incisors (next to the two top front teeth) should be. X-rays show I have no adult incisors. Aged 22 I had some flouride material applied at the back of the baby Cs and it seems to have kept them strong. X-rays show very short roots. When I am tired, run-down or sick, the left one is a bit wobbly. I have been advised to get extra dental cover soon to cover implant work. Should I do more?

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Baby Canines at Age 33

You mentioned that your adult canines have taken the place of your missing lateral incisors. Does this present an esthetic issue for you? Another option to consider is moving the canines into their proper position after extracting the baby teeth, with orthodontics. Then replace the missing laterals with implant supported crowns. 

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