Will This Leave a Serious Infection? or Cancer? (photo)

I took it off about a week and 4 days ago .. and it's all black from the sides and inside also it's kinda red inside, will this leave a serious scar? should I put vasaline on it so it won't make a scar?

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Mole removal

I would highly discourage you from trying to remove your own moles by yourself.  Please see a board certified dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.  Moles should be biopsied to determine whether or not they are malignant.  

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Self Treatment of a Mole

While at this point it is unlikely that you will have a serious infection, the cancer issue will not be answered for a number of years. Even the most astute physician would not be able to tell whether the mole you excised is benign or malignant. 

Self treatment of moles is hazardous to your health for a number of reasons, the most serious of which is that a dangerous kind of malignancy, a melanoma, can be lurking in a mole. That is why any careful physician will send a mole off to the laboratory for a pathologic diagnosis. 

I am assuming you did not sterilize the instrument(s) you used. A wide range of infections,some serious, can ensue from using unclean instruments.

At this point you certainly will be left with a scar. Even if you saw the best surgeon in the world you would be left with a scar. However, assuming you are not a plastic or dermatologic surgeon yourself, the scar would have been  less apparent in the hands of an experienced surgeon. 

At this point i would advise keeping the site covered with Eucerin Aquaphor at all times. This should have been done from the beginning. It has been shown in a number of studies that wounds should not be covered and not "left to the air". 

I agree with my colleague Dr. Ruecki, that at this point,  you will probably benefit from a scar revision.


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Moles need to be removed by physicians

Yes, that will probably scar. You need to keep the scab and crusting off and keep the site moist with Polysporin. Proper wound care begins immediately after something is removed and should have already been done since the first day it was done (not 10 days later, as you've already got scarring underneath). Moles should never be removed by yourself - 1. you don't know if they are moles or could potentially have been cancer, 2. you didn't care for it properly so yes you can have a worse scar or mark, and 3. it is dangerous and can create terrible infections to remove things yourself. I would honestly suggest you see a doctor at this point. You need good postcare for sure, but honestly, you may need the site reexcised.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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