Is it Possible to Leave The Areola in During a Dual Operation (Mastectomy and Reconstruction)?

How often in cancer patients will the areola be saved?

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Nipple-sparing and areola-sparing mastectomy

The decision to perform a mastectomy that preserves either the nipple or areola is best made by the oncologic surgeon and the plastic surgeon working together,, based on the available data and intraoperative findings.  The first step is to decide whether this is oncologically sound, in other words safe from a breast cancer standpoint.     Your surgical oncologist may make this decision based on the type, location and size of the tumor.  The second consideration is in the domain of the plastic surgeon, and relates to blood supply of the skin of the breast, and the degree of breast ptosis.  Some of these decisions can be made preoperatively, but some only at the time of surgery.  

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Will I Be Able to Leave my Areola in During a Dual Operation (Mastectomy and Reconstruction)?

Skin/nipple/areolar sparing mastectomy is best discussed with your chosen oncolgic and reconstructive surgeon. Without knowing your exact medical/pathologic details very hard to give any advise if you are a candidate. Discussions are always best with the chosen surgeons. Best of Luck. BTW my wife is an eleven year survivor. 

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Nipple sparing mastectomy can often be done.


It should not be done if the tumor is large, if the tumor is near the nipple, or if your breasts are very large or sagging.

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Will I Be Able to Leave my Areola in During a Dual Operation (Mastectomy and Reconstruction)?

Depending on the cancer, its location and your surgeon's preference a Nipple Sparing Mastectomy may indeed be performed. To assure yourself of the best result pick a breast surgeon who regularly works as a team with a plastic surgeons. By working together and coordinating their efforts you will assure yourself the best cancer and cosmetic reconstruction.

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Discuss your desire to keep the areola during the mastectomy.

Skin sparing mastectomy can spare most of the skin of the breast including the areola.

This of course will depend on how far the tumer is from the nipple areola.

Discuss your desire with both the plastic surgeon and the general surgeon, about skin sparing mastectom including the areola

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