Is Leakage Common After Drains Are Removed After Breast Reduction?

I had my reduction 2 weeks ago the drains were removed a week ago and everything was going well now I have leakage from my left breast that has a wierd smell to it. I also have blisters around the area where the drains were removed. This is very uncomfortable. What to do????

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Leakage Concern After Drains are Removed from a Breast Reduction

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I usually have my patients wear paper tape on their #breast incisions for several weeks, changing them every several days. But, it may be best to speak to your surgeon.

If you have severe redness, swelling, #drainage or odor of any kind, it is important to call the office and speak with the doctor or medical staff. You may need to be seen in the office and evaluated. If the wound becomes separated or you develop a small opening, this again should be evaluated so that appropriate steps can be taken as soon as possible to prevent infection.

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Problems after Removal of Drains after Breast Reduction?

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Based on your description, you would be best off seeking evaluation by your plastic surgeon ASAP  to rule out infection and/or other complications.

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Infection? After Breast Reduction

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I will need see your PS!  The drainage with a smell may represent an infection therefore immediate evaluation is warranted.

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