Should I still be having pain?

I had a breast lift and implants in February this year. It is now the end of September and I am still having pain. I also have what is called the double bubble. I know the double bubble will need surgical correction, but should I still be numb and having pain?

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Pain after breast lift surgery

Typically at this point after surgery, I would expect pain to have resolved although in small cases, numbness can persist for a prolonged period.  Given that you have ongoing pain and require revision surgery, its best to discuss your concerns with your surgeon to determine the best path forward.

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Pain after lift and implants

Thanks for your question.  In this situation the best answer to this question is that you should always follow-up with the surgeon who performed the operation.  They should be aware of any problems that you are having secondary to the surgery so that they can hopefully advise you correctly.  Best of luck to you. 

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