Axillary breast problem? How to reduce it?

I have bulged fat under my arm. How to reduce it. Is is possible to reduce by exercise, or buy taking tablet... Or else the size of it should not increase. So give me solution

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Reducing Axillary Fullness

There are 2 major things that cause axillary fullness. One is axillary breast tissue which is generally firm and somewhat granular. The other is fat. Sometimes it is both. Both require surgery to reduce. Axillary breast tissue needs excision. Liposuction is the most efficient way to reduce the fat.

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Axillary breast problem? How to reduce it?

Thank you for the question. Yes, it is possible to excise axillary breast tissue ("axillary tail of Spence"). In my opinion, this is best done by direct excision ( as opposed to liposuction surgery). Often, it is necessary to remove overlying skin also to improve contour of the area. I would suggest in-person consultation with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who can show you examples of similar patients he/she has taken care of. Best wishes. 

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