Will a Le Fort I Osteotomy Improve a Long Face?

I have a long face (especially midface and lower face) and I want to make it shorter. I've looked at before/afters of Le fort I osteotomies combined with mandible and chin reduction surgery and thats exactly what I want. However, I don't have mandibular prognanthism or mouth protrusion. My face is just long. I have had braces for three years to correct an overbite. Will I be a good candidate for this surgery? Are the benefits worth the risks? Will I need braces again after surgery? Thank you

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Too complicated a question for this site

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This is much too complicated a question to be properly addressed on this site.  You need xrays, a bite assessment and formal measurements to be done.  I would recommend a plastic surgeon that performs craniofacial surgery on a regular basis.  You can find one by checking cleft lip and palate programs at major hospitals in your area.  Good luck!

Lefort I for long face

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A Lefort I is a surgical procedure to change the middle third of the face.   This is performed after careful analysis of vertical maxillary excess or retrusion. This is confirmed by physical exam and radiologic studies.

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Le Fort I Osteotomy Improve a Long Face

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Impossible to advise without an intense examination and scans. Seek 3 boparded surgeons in your area to discuss and evaluate you. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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