LBL 10 Weeks PO Still Can't Bend Forward is This Normal?

I am 10 weeks PO LBL, spiral thigh lift with inner and outer lifts, fat graftin to buttock lipo suction, and mini TT. I had groin incisions that opened 3 weeks post op that closed at 9 weeks back of my thigh opened to antibiotics closed quickly. Still can't bend forward to put on shoes. Is this normal? Swelling limited to upper but tummy.

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Can't bend down?

Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry to hear about your delays with wound healing. Most likely, the delayed wound healing has contributed to your inability to bend down and other activities. Best wishes as you continue to heal.

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LBL 10 Weeks PO Still Can't Bend Forward is This Normal?

I would not say that it is normal, but perhaps not surprising in light of the wound breakdowns. A course of physical therapy might do you well, but run this by your surgeon to ascertain that you are ready for  stretching in light of the wound problems that seem just a week ago resolved. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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