Ptosis: Is Eyelid Surgery an Option?

Iam 28 years and I am girl. I have lazy tow eye (I think call ptosis) from birth I can see well but I put my head up to see good. I dont do any surgery before. My eyes become normal eyelid when I wake up from sleep for one minutes and after that it go to lazy can you tell me why ? I Shoud I make surgery or not ?

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Eyelid Surgery

You should get an evaluation with a Opthamologist as you may need a muscle repair, or just a blepharoplasty.  If your eye is variable, being normal part of the time, and a ptosis part of the time, surgery may not be best for you now.  A thorough evaluation is priority one.

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Ptosis: Is Eyelid Surgery an Option?

The answer to your question willl depend on your examination.  You certainly describe a condition that can be helped with surgery, but some people are not good candidates for one reason or another.  See an Oculoplastic surgeon for a definitive answer.

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I would recommend seeing a specialist plastic surgeon.

General plastic surgeons are great but for something specialized like congential ptosis, you need to see a specialist.  In particular you need a oculoplastic surgoen.  This is a plastic surgeon who is board certified in ophthalmology and fellowship trained in oculoplastic surgery.  In some areas a good choice will also be a board certified ophthalmologist who is fellowship trained in pediatric ophthalmology but who does a lot of congential ptosis surgery.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a website ( that has a geographic directory and will help you identify a highly qualified surgeon in your area.

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Ptosis of Congenital Nature ( Eyelids)

You have congenital ptosis or possibly a combo of acquired nd congenital ptosis.   This is cause by less than ideal function of your levator muscle of your upper eyelid.  This is easily corrected with simple ptosis surgery of you eyelid.  This is done with you awake.  Correction is dramatic.  Visit a plastic surgeron for evaluation.

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