Alternatives to Goretex to Correct Lazy Eye?

Iam 28 years and I am girl. I have lazy tow eye (I think call ptosis) from birth I can see well but I put my head up to see good. I dont do any surgery before. the doctor said he will make surgery by used fix matter (I think called goretex) in eyelid . I want to know can doctor make this surgery without fix matter or with laser.I am very worry to do this.

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Many options for congenital ptosis repair

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There are many different options for congenital ptosis repair depending on the function of your levator muscle - the muscle that is used to elevate the eyelid. Surgical options include tightening the muscle or using material to suspend the eyelid to the brow. That material can be silicone, Gortex, or banked tissue from a human donor. I prefer to use silicone as it can be easily adjusted. I recommend evaluation by an oculoplastic surgeon. Good luck. 

Austin Oculoplastic Surgeon

Eyelid Surgery

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The gortex is probably the suture used, but you might ask what the gortex is being used for, and the chances of hardening over time.  Also, ask how many of the surgeries  he/she has done, and the chance of correction versus the chance of making the situation worse, or no change.  Then you can determine if the odds of success are worth the risk.  No surgery is without some level of risk.  Life is involved with taking chances on many things.  You have to decide if this is worth the risk for you.

Gortex for ptosis

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Dear Rosalin, If you truly have had a droopy eyelid (ptosis) from birth, this is generally due to lack of development of the muscle. If this truly effects your vision or is a concern, surgery is the only option to improve it. The type of surgery depends on how much residual muscle function your eyelid has, and how low your eyelid is to begin with. If there is moderate function, a maximal tightening of the muscle may improve your situation, however if you have little function then a sling procedure will be necessary to connect your eyelid to your brow. There are many materials used for this sling, including banked fascia from a donor, silicone, and gortex. I prefer silicone. I do suggest that you see an oculoplastic surgeon for this problem they are best qualified to assess and treat this problem. Good luck! Jasmine Mohadjer, MD Oculoplastic Surgeon Tampa Bay, FL

Fixing Ptosis

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You need to be examined by an ophthalmologist to determine whether you have an absent levator muscle or one that is not attached to your upper eyelid.  If you have congenital absense of  the levator muscle you will need a gortex sling to your forehead muscles or  a muscle transplant.  This can only be determined with a physical exam.  Good  luck.

Gary H. Manchester, MD (retired)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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