Possible to Be Scarred by Laser Tattoo Removal?

Since lazer tattoo removal bypasses the epidermis and gets to the dermis is it possible to be scarred? I'm confused what to look up in terms of burns first degree or second. I had my first treatment and I'm African American after 7 days my scabs came off a lot of the areas are pink and its very striking and I'm worried as its on a large area the skin on-top is smooth and healed but its pink will this go away or am I basically scarred for life. Doctor used Cynosure affirm Q-switch Yag ND 1056

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If the scabs were deep I doubt you would have healed at seven days. The pink is mormal for seven days. You could develop hyperpigmentation eventually and you are at greater risk based on probability for this to happen than scarring. If the redness increases and you staryt to feel the surface of the skin getting thicker about one to two months after, then you could be developing hypertrophic scarring. Until then I would strongly suggest you call your doctor and get an appoontment for evaluation and reassurance as you are very concerned (you have posted your concern on RealSelf before). Good luck

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