Lazer Tatto Removal Blister/scabbing Question

Hi I'm an african american male I had my first session of lazer tattoo removal last week it has been 6 days and the blisters/scabs are starting to peel off. My Concern now is that under the scabs when they fall off its pink is this normal? I'm really worried I'm getting hypopigmentation. My Doctor used Q-SWITCH YAG ND on me. Also my tattoo is fairly new and all black. THANK YOU!!

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Scabs after laser tattoo removal

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pink skin is virtually always seen after Alexandrite, Ruby or NdYag laser for tattoo removal. This is usually temporary and can look striking in skin of color, but the color returns. Follow all postoperative directions of your doctor and make sure you keep the sites out of the sun and use sunscreen when they are completely healed to minimize the chance of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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