I have had a Lazer lower Facial and Neck Lift 10 days ago I am still terribly swollen Is there anything I can so to reduce this?

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Swelling after facelift and laser

Facelift surgery and in particular laser resurfacing can cause profound swelling. It takes time usually a week for swelling to decreas. Head elevation and low salt intake help.

Swelling Reduction after facelift & laser

Swelling maybe normal after 3 wks following a face lift and laser procedures. Ice works for the first 3-4 days as it helps prevent swelling but in my experience it doesn't make it go away faster after that. Arnica and Bromelain may have a role but probably the best is head elevation, a low salt diet, stay out of hot water (baths, hot long showers, jacuzzi) and strenous exercise for a few weeks more. Your plastic surgeon will give you the best advice.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Face lift swelling

Thank you for your face lift question.

  • Face lift and laser swelling are the result of the procedure,
  • The swelling will subside as you heal,
  • There is little you can do - this is a natural process.
  • Follow your surgeon's advice but avoid steroid treatments -
  • The pills only work temporarily...the injections can loosen your result within months.
Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling following laser treatment

Swelling after laser treatment lasts from 1 week to two or more depending on the type and depth of treatment as well as the area treated. Usually the longer the healing period the better the result up to a certain point.  Swelling can also be lessened in degree and duration by the after treatment, elevation, cold compresses, etc. Swelling on the neck and chest generally lasts longer on the neck and chest than on the face which has better circulation. I  prefer not to refer to laser treatment of the skin as a laser lift in order to avoid confusion with the extreme differences in results of a true facelift.  In fact the two work well together in many instances.

Richard O. Gregory, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Not much can be done to hasten the resolution of swelling after a facelift.

Elevation of the head and restriction of salt intake can modestly help with postoperative swelling But for the most part it runs its own course

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling and facelift

Swelling after a facelift can be persistent for several weeks. You ahve to be patients and give it time to heal. If concerned see your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Ice and compression garment

Swelling from a laser facelift (lazerlift) can last 2 weeks or more.  The things that you can do to minimize the intensity and duration of the swelling are to ice the area as well as wear your compression dressing as much as possible.  Obviously discuss this with your surgeon, but I generally ask my patients to wear the dressing for 3 days straight after the surgery and then as much as possible for 2 weeks.  So, if you are sitting around at home, even if its during the day, go ahead and put the support dressing on.  It makes a big difference!

Sirius K. Yoo, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lazer Lift what to expect

Dear Sylvia,

I routinely perform Laser Lifts on patients to tone their jaw lines and necks so I feel comfortable sharing with you my experience as to what to expect.  I am also one of the training facilities for the Precision Laser Lift for Cynosure who makes this laser.

The procedure is performed with special tumescent anesthesia solution, so this in itself can create some swelling for a few days.  
We have our patients remove their bandages after 48 hours and wear a supportive garment for a few weeks only at night.
There can be a little swelling and bruising for up to two weeks but usually by the third day most patients can go back to work with a little make up.

There are a few possibilities.
1.  Are you sure you had  a "Laser Lift"?  Some physicians will use the term but in reality you had some other laser or procedure performed that can lead to more swelling initially but in the end the results maybe similar.
2.  Have you followed up with your doctor just to make sure everything is ok?  That should be the first step.  You want to make sure nothing else is going on such as an infection.

It would be helpful to see some photos of this swelling if you are interested in sending them.

Good luck,

Ran Y. Rubinstein, MD
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Allergan (Juvederm, Voluma), Valient (Scultpra, Restylane),
Cynosure (Cellulaze, Precision Laser Lift) & Solta (Fraxel, Thermage)

Ran Y. Rubinstein, MD
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Lazar facelift 10days ago with considerable swelling

  • Lazar facelift is performed with a laser placed in the subcutaneous plane which is used on the deep subcutaneous tissue and on the overlying dermis. I do not use this particular technique myself. I would recommend that you get in contact with your board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss his recommendations regarding postoperative care. In general keeping your head elevated and using cool compresses may help. Best wishes!

William G. Hart Jr., MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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