Which Laser is Best: Lightsheer or Aurora?

I've already had 3 treatments on both underarms and brazilian with the Lightsheer--& am happy with results thus far. However the drive is too far, and I need to switch locations. A deal came up that seems to good to be true (Groupon out of London) but it is with Aurora system. I'm tempted but also apprehensive... I'm dark hair (fairly course) and have fair skin that tans. Thanks! I Would appreciate your suggestion.

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Which laser hair removal system is best - lightsheer?

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The lightsheer and now the even better lightsheer duet laser hair removal systems are excellent. As important as the laser is the clinic and trained personnel who are firing the laser since side effects are possible with any treatment. Unfortunately, many of the group buying sites have promotions that are "too good to be true" (usually from clinics with less than stellar reputations, and almost never medical quality) and we have seen many patients who have required fixing the problems that so called "cheaper" clinics caused, and sadly some of the mistakes can't be fixed.

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