Lazer Hair Removal on Mans Face?

How do i choose the best location/doctor esthetician for laser hair removal on a mans face. Please give me questions to ask? should i go to a dermatologist a doctor.. or is it not that invasive anymore. I realized they must be skilled? what do I need to know? help please ? Im fair skinned with dark facial hair..

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Laser Treatment of Male Facial Hair

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Thank you for your question.

Light skin and dark hair are the best combination for this procedure.

The best way to know is to visit some clinics and see how you feel with the office.  Asking for referrals from friends or co-workers is always helpful as well.

Best wishes.

Be Calm and Laser On!

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It seems as though you already have great questions to ask the office of your choice. I would do some reasearch on laser clinics near you and set up a few consultations. It's the only way you are going to be more confident in this procedure. 


Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Laser Hair Reduction on Man's Face

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Do you have any friends, male or female, who have had laser hair reduction? Ask them what their experience was and if they would recommend the cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist they went to. Usually in these offices, the person who performs the procedure is a physician's assistant, nurse, or licensed medical aesthetician, under the supervision of the physician. Your initial visit will be with the physician and the person who will be continuing your treatments will be there as well.

Your initial visit is where your treatment goals, preparation instructions, provider expectations, precautions, risks and benefits are discussed.

As a fair-skinned man with dark facial hair you are very good candidate for successful laser hair reduction.


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