How to Lay Down After BBL and Breast Implant Revision and Time for Recovery? (photo)

How to Lay Down After Multiple Surgeries? I'm having Brazilian Butt Lift, with transfer fat , and replacement off my Breast Implants for a bigger size all done in one surgery. How will I lay down? the time of recovery because I am planing to do my surgery in beginig of April and I will travel to Italy on 15th of May

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How To Lay Down After Brazilian Butt Lift & Breast Implants

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Many times I am asked to perform and Brazilian butt augmentation (bbl) and breast implants at the same time.  Recovery can be tricky and I am often asked this question by my patients.  There is no great solution but some of my patient have offered suggestion. Some of them will lay on their stomachs and place their breast in a stack of boppy pillows.  Others will get a long maternity pillow and lay on their side, using the pillow to provide cushioning for their breast.  My patient patients using these techniques have been happy with their results.

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On your side

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You probably should undergo these two procedures separately primarily because of the recovery. The post-operative recovery process will most likely be much more uncomfortable for you if undergoing these two procedures at one time, since you'll need to be cautious with your breasts and buttocks. Your movement will be severely limited. For example, you most likely will be instructed to not sit or lie on your back to allow your buttocks to heal properly, but these two positions are very comfortable when you're recovering from breast augmentation. As a result, you'll probably have to stay on your side most of the time.While these two procedures can be done at the same time, I do not recommend it for the aforementioned reasons. However, speak to your surgeon to find out if it's suitable for you, since they'll have a better understanding of your health and what you'd like to achieve from surgery.

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