Normal To Have Skin Laxity 5 Months Post TT w/ MR?

I am 5 months PO from full TT and muscle repair. Although I love my results in clothes, standing up, when I sit I am back to having quite a large roll above my pants frustrating. Is is normal for the skin to relax with time? Should I be happy with just my standing results? Could I have stretched out the top layer of skin with too much exercise?

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After Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Thank you for your question.  It would be very helpful to see some photos if possible.  After tummy tuck surgery, things can loosen but  to have a "large roll" when you sit? I would need to see your before / after photos and know what was performed for you.

It would probably be best to have a discussion with your plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

Best Wishes!

Post tummy tuck skin laxity

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As the swelling from the surgery abates, there is always a small amount of skin loosening. However, as you report a large roll above your pants, the issue for me would be whether you always had the fat which was not liposuctioned at the time of the abdominoplasty. If you did not undergo liposuction as an adjuvant procedure or have gained weight over the past five months, this could account for the roll. I would doubt that exercise is the culprit here. However, pictures would help to clarify the situation.

Concerned about possible lax skin of abdomen following a tummy tuck

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Without a few key photos, it is impossible to provide you with useful information. I suggest that you talk with your plastic surgeon regarding your concerns and listen to the explanation. If you are still not sure or quite satisfied with the answer, get a second opinion from a reputable board certified plastic surgeon. 

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Normal To Have Skin Laxity 5 Months Post TT w/ MR?

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Soory but photos ALWAYS help! Try second opinions in person so you can fully understand the issue. Sounds like a moderate excision leaving excess skin. 

Skin laxity post ttuck

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hard to say without a good exam. sometimes things relax more than planned. If you lost weight, that could contribute to it as well. I would have your surgeon recheck you.

Skin stretch after tummy tuck

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I it is impossible to say without a photo. However, what I think you are describing is understandable.  Tummy tuck skin closure is done on stretch (slightly bent) to assure that as much skin as possible can be removed.  However, when you are bending forwad or as sitting with a slouch there may be some appearant skin excess which improves with sitting properly.  If the skin is pulled so tight that you have no excess skin when slouching or sitting or bending then you would no be able to stand very well till the skin stretched in which case you would likely be in the same situation.  As you can see this is not easily explained.  Speak with your PS about your concerns to assure that you are indeed recovering normally.


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