6 days post op Revision Rhinoplasty w/ cartilage graft, could an infection or hematoma in ear be causing severe swelling?(photo)

My cosmetic surgeon is 2 hours away from me. 3 days post op I called because I was having severe ear swelling. 2 days later he called in an antibiotic and a cream to put on the sutures. I'm more concerned with the pain and swelling inside. All I've read about is possible hematomas from this procedure. I don't know if I should make an appointment with an ENT doctor in my tone or wait and see what this Mupirocin Ointment does. Please help. I'm starting to panic.

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Pain and swelling

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It does not look like a hematoma. It may be infection. You would need to be examined, preferably by your surgeon. Increasing and/or persistent severe pain and swelling several days out is not the normal course.

Revision rhinoplasty and infection

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Dear Mrshawkins,

  • It would be preferable to visit a doctor in town if you can
  • It does not look like a hematoma, but it could be infected, especially if the outer portion of the ear hurts (we don't remove cartilage from that part of the ear

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