Explantation after 13 years and lift, did I get botched? (Photo)

I had saline implants for 13 years and had two kids after the augmentation, 5 weeks ago I went under surgery for explantation and breast lift, well my right breast have to be reopen on the day of the surgery do to a hematoma, still bad bruising, cut aerial super small that looks unappealing, uneven scars, just terrible I feel like crying every time I look in the mirror, I feel like he shouldn't done any breast lift my breast looks like before implants and now with ugly scars and no aerola

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Early result. Looks good

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Thanks for your question and the photos. Given your preop photos, this would have been a tricky case since your breast had been stretched out with implants and breast feeding. You also had very wide areolae and this also makes things more difficult. At only 5 weeks there is still a lot of change that will take place. Things will begin to smooth out and the bunching and pleating will go away. I think that you will be very happy. Best of Luck!

Breasts botched after implant removal and Lift

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HI yamijay,
 I do not think that your breast  have been botched. These operations are always so difficult because the surgeon has to try to re-shape skin that has lost a lot of tone and that is not always easy to do , if there is not a lot of breast tissue left to shape.
   Things may settle out a bit.  Just give it some time and then go back to talk to your surgeon about other options.
Dr. Christine Rodgers

Breast implant Explant

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You had the breast implants for 13 years, which stretched the skin thinned the breast tissue for 13 years. Meanwhile you had two pregnancies and breast feeding which causes breasts to enlarge and then get smaller, may atrophy some breast tissue . Also 13 years of simple aging and gravity pull on the breasts.
Preoperatively your pictures show a breast with the nipples pointing down, means breast is very droopy!
You after pictures show much smaller breast (probably had large implant). The skin is very stretched , the breast is empty, all the result of the above issues.
Do not blame it all on your doctor.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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Explantation and lift

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No, you did not get "botched" and actually look to have a nice early result. You had quite a dramatic change in size with the implant removal, and also significant ptosis prior to the lift. The current areola size is more proportionate to your current breast size, but this can often vary as far as what people find attractive. Once you are completely healed you can discuss options for further improvement, but i think your surgeon did what was an appropriate procedure if you wanted your implants out. 

Unhappy with result

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Patience will be very important for you to get through this. At 5 weeks after surgery , you are still too early in the recovery process to be concerned with the way things look at this time. Close follow up with your plastic surgeon will be important. 

Best wishes,
Dr. Ravi Somayazula

Explantation after 13 years and lift, did I get botched?

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I'm sorry to hear about your concerns after removal of breast implants. No, you did not get "botched". Based on your photographs, I think that you have a nice early outcome after  removal of breast implants and mastopexy surgery. You will find that the appearance of your breasts will improve significantly over the course of the next few months.  Although I understand your concerns, I do feel that  you would not have been happy without breast lifting done at the time of breast implant removal surgery. 

My best suggestion: do your best to stay emotionally even keeled during the healing process. Keep in close communication follow-up with your plastic surgeon as well. Best wishes

Explantation after 13 years and lift, did I get botched?

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At 5 weeks - it's too early to pass final judgement. Occasionally, after this type of procedure- a degree of revision may be needed. Continue to see your Surgeon and hopefully overtime- a suitable plan can be created.

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