Can this tattoo be laser removed? If so around how much would it cost? (photos)

Got a tattoo I regret dying to get rid of it.

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Tattoo Removal -- Pico/Q Switched Laser

Tattoos should be removed with q switched or pico lasers, we will often combine with fractional lasers to help speed the process. No matter the device it will take several treatments to see the outcome depending on your response and the technology. Please see a laser expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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Tattoo Removal Dark Skin

Thanks for your question. Your tattoo can certainly be removed with laser BUT do consider the following--I can see from your photo that the tattoo itself caused some textural changes in your skin. I'm sure you feel it as raised when you run your fingers over the tattoo. This will not go away with the laser tattoo removal though it might be softened down the line with laser skin resurfacing.-Your dark skin type makes you BY DEFINITION at higher risk for scarring and for hypopigmentation (white spots) which can be permanent. Therefore, it is essential that you select an experienced center with excellent equipment. The Astanza Duality (Q switch laser) is an excellent device- highest peak power device on the market. You can go to the Astanza Laser website and send an email asking for assistance to find someone close to you who has this laser. They recently moved from Houston to Dallas. -This is what would be considered an Xtra large design. It may need to be worked on in 2 sections. It is common for a design of this size to be in the $500 range for a treatment.
Best,Lisa Vuich, MD

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