My question is Will the left breast always be bigger then the right? How long before the swelling goes down? (photo)

I am 5 days post and my left breast has been more swollen since the surgery. I had drains and the left drained more too. Since the drains were removed day 2 there had been no discharge from either. There is more pain on the left side also.

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Breast Asymmetry after Breast Reduction

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- Congratulations on undergoing a breast reduction! 5 days out from a breast reduction is really too early to comment on what your final results will look like. Sometimes one breast may be more swollen than the other after the procedure is completed.

-Looking at your pre-operative photos would be very helpful. Breast asymmetry is the rule, not the exception, and when we have a patient with one breast quite a bit larger than the other, we will remove more tissue on the larger side to help make things as symmetric as possible postoperatively. However, some asymmetry may still result.

-I would definitely bring your concerns up with your plastic surgeon, and also try to be patient, as you won't see your final results for months.

-Thanks for sharing your photo!

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