What is wrong with my tummy tuck and can it be fixed? (Photo)

I got a tummy tuck done in July 2012 and it appeared that the left side had a bulge that would not go away the doctor said it was swelling. Months passed by and same thing I was having a revision done and he did not even touch me on my left side which was the side he was supposed to correct. I still have the same problem and would like to know if its possible to get it fixed.

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See a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon for Revision

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I'm sorry your results were disappointing. From the photos, it appears that the incision is higher on the left than on the right side. This could have happened for a number of reasons including asymmetric muscle repair, asymmetric planning, asymmetric layer closure, and asymmetric fat removal. A physical exam is needed to evaluate the potential issues. These issues may or may not be easy to correct, and you should see only a board-certified plastic surgeon for the evaluation and ultimate revision. Best wishes.

What is wrong with my tummy tuck and can it be fixed? (Photo)

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Thank you for your question. You are a good candidate for full abdominoplasty revision. I recommend that you make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon for a thorough exam and to discuss all of your concerns and surgical options.

A total redo of the abdominoplasty may be required for a satisfactory result.

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Judging from the photographs only it looks as though a total redo of the abdominoplasty might be the best avenue to a good result. A physical examination would be absolutely necessary to confirm this preliminary opinion.

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Correction possible

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Thank you for the pictures.  This can be revised. It may take one or two surgeries. Physical examination and in person consultation would give you the most definitive answer. Good luck

Unhappy with tummy tuck results

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Thanks for your question and photograph post.  It appears that you have several problems that can be corrected.  
  1. Incision is too high
  2. Incision is not symmetric
These problems will not fix themselves you will need a surgical revision with a re-elevation of the abdominal flap in an attempt to lower the scar to a bikini type level and liposuction of the flanks to smooth out the bulges.  

Full revision and redo tummy tuck

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Your incision is too high and uneven. The revision should include revising belly button and lowering the incision. You will need some liposuction at the same time. 

Bulge after tummy tuck

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I'm sorry you aren't pleased with your result. It's very hard to tell why you have a bulge without a physical examination and a review of your past operative report. There are various reasons you can have a bulge in an area of asymmetry after a tummy tuck, ranging from uneven removal of fat from the abdominal flap or uneven liposucton during a case. You could also have plication sutures that tighten the abdominal wall under the skin flap and these can sometimes break and create a bulge. Edema can accumulate just above the scar and cause swelling during the first 6 months after abdominoplasty.

Your scar looks a little high compared with where you wear your bikini bottoms. You also have a little scar asymmetry on the right side. Most of this can be corrected but it may be difficult to lower your scar much. You should seek another opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon. I would wait 3-6 months from the last surgery to have a revision.

What is wrong with my tummy tuck and can it be fixed?

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Very p[oor planned incision is all I can report. But as for revision only in person examination would allow a response. Sorry for you results.. Was your PS a board certified PS??? 

TT revision

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Thank you for the photos but a full examination is needed before commenting on a revision.  If you are unhappy though go on consults in your are and get second opinions

Dr Corbin


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From your photos you appear to have some excess fat in that area.  Liposuction may help contour the area above the scar.  There is often a difference in the thickness of the abdominal wall above and below the scar which can give the appearance of a bludge.

Adam Saad, MD
Atlantic City Plastic Surgeon

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