I am 20 years old, I had deviated septum surgery month ago.

When they took little tubes out of my nose, i felt very clear for the next week, but after that it started getting worse again. I still feel little inflated and congested now and then especially at night. Do you think its still healing or something else

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Swelling from Septoplasty

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Thank you for your most recent question. Swelling after septoplasty is a very common finding for several months. I find it to be more common in patients that are overly exerting themselves, eating salty foods, and not sleeping with her head upright. Please consult with your physician for tricks that he may have to decrease swelling inside the nose.

Septoplasty and congestion/swelling

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Septoplasty like other nose surgeries has a recovery period that involves waiting for swelling to go down. Unlike rhinoplasty, the majority of your swelling is on the inside, where you can't see it but you can feel it.It is normal to feel the breathing is great immediately after stents/splints are taken out and then the congestion comes back. Confirm with your surgeon that it is swelling at your follow-up visit. Some strategies to help: avoid salty food, drink plenty of water, avoid getting overheated, sleeping with a few pillows under your head, hold off on hard exercise and follow your surgeon's instructions. Keep up with your follow-up appointments so your surgeon can track your progress through the healing process. Safety comes first. 

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