What options do I have for scarring that is interferring with my lower eye lid? (Photo)

I had an accident on 2/9 with significant facial trauma. It is healing well, but I have scar tissue pulling down on the lower eye lid. I have consulted with a oculoplastic specialist who believes steroid injections would be thee first step (seeing him again 3/20 - wounds were still open during consultation 2/19). From what I have read many other doctors seem to be recommending surgically removal of the scar tissue in similar cases. I was interested in what others had to say in my case.

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Scar Revision of the Lower Lid

First, I would allow time for the area to heal satisfactorily.  Once the scar is better healed, a board certified surgeon can evaluate the quality of the scar and make recommendations on treatment.  For now I would recommend massage and silicone based scar creams (keep these creams out of your eye).  In the next few months, steroid injections for thickened areas of scarring is appropriate.  If the lower lid is still tethered medially by the scar tissue, a lower lid tightening procedure may be necessary in the future.  Fractionated Co2 laser resurfacing is also another possibility for improvement in the future.  Since the scar is so widespread, I do not feel it would be possible to excise the entire area.  

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Eyelid Scar

Thank you for your photo.  I would not recommend any treatment at this time.  I would encourage you to massage the area and allow the tissues to soften.  Steroid injections can be given but I typically wait several months before I consider the use of steroid injections.  You may need a scar revision to release the scar or a skin graft is there has been true loss of skin.

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS, FACS

Lasers and scar serum for scars on the eyelids and face

There are many non surgical methods to improve the scars on your lower eyelids. One excellent option would be to use lasers to resurface the scars and reduce redness and thickness of the scars.  Plato's Scar Serum is an excellent topical cream for the scars as well. 

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

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