I am looking for a Cleft Lip and Palate doctor for a toddler.

I have taken my son to 2 doctors to get his Cleft lip fixed and both times I have been so unhappy with the results. I don't want to keep putting my son through surgery after surgery. I am willing to travel any where in the US I just want his lip to be the way it should of been from the first surgery. He has health insurance and I am in need of someone please and thank you.
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Cleft surgeons

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I am sorry to hear you bad experience with the previous surgeon you meet.   What is important for your son is not only a good board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in cleft but also a solid Cleft Team where he will be able to follow through from youth through adulthood.

Since you are from the Maryland area- there is the Johns Hopkins team as well as multiple others in the DC area.

Look at the surgeons'a credential but also at the Team.  

Hope this helps

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