Any suggestions for Red/flushing/blushing eyebrows? (photos)

I have been diagnosed: ulerythema ophryogenes, my derm tried to cure but without succes. Then i tried another derm, he diagnosed rosacea acne or something similar, i took medicine but again no success. What i also have tried: vbeam (works on red cheeks but not eyebrows), mirvaso(works for 2 days, after i get high flush), finacea(didnt see any improvement), elidel(maybe helps a little bit), also tried many orher creams with urea, to keep me skin not too dry. Btw,It is not itchy. Please help.

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Lasers and brows

This is extremely hard to treat. In order to give lasers the best possible chance, brows NEED to be shaved, as the laser energy is taken up by hair. I have treated several cases in the past, some respond, some don't, however if one were to try the settings of the V BEAM or Excel V has to be very high- preferably bruising settings. The other option is to do a test spot, ie. 10 mm spot size on your lateral brow, area shaved. Best advice I can give you.CheersDr Davin LimLaser and aesthetic dermatologistBrisbane, Australia. 

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