Had my lips done, 1 day- 0,5ml, next gone. 2 day +0,5ml, gone. After 2 weeks + 1,5ml harder filler, gone after 2 days (Photo)

i spend so much money, my doctor promissed me,that now they will last, how can it be possible that after all these injections my lips just are the same?? ok, i know about swelling, but im sorry its impossible that after all i have done, there is such a small difference, i just dont know what to do anymore, please help me. In picture, there is day one, and then day 3. its nearly 3ml of lip filler, what she do wrong?? filler is evanthia 20 and 25. Im so sad.

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Complications with results

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Sorry to hear about your situation. I would recommend combining fillers with thread lift. Juvederm works well as a filler. 

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