Why is Lattisse so abrasive to your eyes?

I am concerned that due to the harsh side effects, are you worried that your product is unheathy? I mean, that even though you disclose the side effects, does this make it right? There are people like me who need a product that works. Please advise. Thank you in advance.

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If you are finding Latisse to be too harsh, attempt applying every other night.

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If you are finding Latisse to be too harsh, attempt applying every other night. If at that time it is still too irritating try it ever 3 nights. If you still have symptoms after trying this method, discontinue use and contact the clinic where you bought the product.

Ensure you are applying as directed.

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Why is Latisse so abrasive to your eyes?

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What is disclosed on the Latisse "side effects" has much more to do with when it was used directly in the eye for glaucoma, under a different name. When used on the upper eyelid only, the side effects are not the same; however, because those were disclosed originally, they must be disclosed no matter what. I am not worried about them because millions of bottles of Latisse have been sold, specifically for eyelashes, and the side effects are minimal. 

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