Is Lattise Used to Regrow Lashes Pulled Due to Trichotilliamania

My daughter is being treated for trich, its helped her to stop pulling but 10 months of pulling has left her lashes pretty bare. Can we use lattise to jump start the lash growth? Also, once the lashes are grown do you have to continue lattise for them to stay long,thick and dark?

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Will latisse regrow lashes

Thank you for your question. As long as the hair follicle is not damaged Latisse will speed up the process for lash regrowth. If you stop using Latisse once the lashes are grown back in they will slowly go back to their original length and thickness prior to her pulling them out. If you want to maintain the added results from Latisse you would have to continue to use it.

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Is Lattise Used to Regrow Lashes Pulled Due to Trichotilliamania

Latisse works on active hair follicles, so as long as your daughter didn't damage the follicles by pulling out the lashes, Latisse will help them grow longer, faster, and darker. I have seen some patients with Trichotilliamania over the years and the truth is that some did damage some of the follicles and hairs never were able to regrow in certain spots. But when a person is younger and starts treatment, sometimes the follicles aren't damaged as much. You won't know unless you try. If she likes the affects, she will need to continue the Latisse to keep them longer, thicker, and darker, as there is a maintenance to Latisse. It's not a one-time use product.

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