Does Wearing Contacts While Using Latisse Reduce Eye Irritation?

Can you use Latisse if you wear contacts? And does wearing contacts while using latisse reduce eye irritation?

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Remove contact before application

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It's better to remove your contact lenses before applying, and wait about 15 minutes afterward before re-inserting since any product that gets into the eyes can adversely affect your lenses. Once the Latisse is dry, it shouldn't irritate your eyes anymore.

Contact lenses, Latisse and eye irritation

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You should remove your contact lenses prior to applying Latisse.  Latisse should be applied to the upper eyelid at bedtime.  If you want to reinsert your lenses, wait at least 15 minutes after application. About 4% of patients experience irritation or redness following Latisse. Have your eyes checked if you are using Latisse.

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist


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use latisse at night before you go to sleep, when you do not have contact lenses on.

Wash the face in the morning tthen pit the contact lensesduring the day. Consult  the dr that prescribed the latisse

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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