Latisse for Thinning Scalp Hair?

I wanted to know, are there any tests that have been done to determine if Latisse can help with thinning scalp hair? If not, could the ingredients possibly benefit thinning scalp hair?

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Off-label Use On Eyebrows

Latisse can be used off-label on the eyebrows. It works in lengthening and darkening eyelashes and eyebrows by activating the melanocytes, the cells responsible for pigment formation. It also seems to drive the matrix into the anagen ( growth) phase of the cycle.

I understand that Allergan is doing some preliminary research on seeing whether the same affect can be obtained for scalp hair and eyebrow hair.

In the meantime you might try using Rogaine. You can use a cotton-tipped applicator and apply the solution ( it comes in a foam vehicle now) to the eyebrow. Be careful that you do not develop hair in the surrounding skin. Using Rogaine in this manner would be sa far less expensive alternative to Latisse.

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Most likely research is being done for the scalp

Latisse, as you probably know, is a formulation of a medication used for glaucoma. Patients who used it noted they often had to trim their lashes because they grew so long. Allergan, the company that makes Botox, also makes the glaucoma medication. They are keenly aware of cosmetic uses of medications, and marketed Latisse to grow eye lashes. In my experience with Latisse, it always works and works well. I have not had one patient unhappy with the results. Although not approved for use on eyebrows, some of my patients have decided to use it there, and have noted thicker brows.

Everyone wants to know if it grows hair on the head. It certainly will not grow hair on the scalp of someone who is profoundly bald, because it requires the presence of a hair follicle. If hair is thinning, it may make it thicker, darker and longer, but may not prevent the hair from falling out. I would not be surprised if Allergan is studying the use of Latisse for thinning hair, but I do not know of any studies currently being performed.

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