Have My Eyelashes Built Up an Immunity to Latisse? I Don't have Alopecia.

Your previous response to my question regarding diminishing results of Latisse over time was insufficient. Not only have had this same result, but so have two others I know including my sister-in-law who lives in Cheyenne, Wy. We do not have Alopecia Areata. My conclusion is that apparently the body builds up an immunity to the product over time as is the case with many products and drugs.

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Immunity to Latisse

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There is no known immunity to Latisse. However, like any medication, people will respond to it differently, plus your ability for eyelash growth will diminish with age. So a person who is 65 will not have the same results as someone who is 20. Additionally, some people will increase growth by 2 grades with Latisse, and some only one grade of improvement. All of my staff have been using Latisse for years and no one has any sort of immunity to it. But you will reach a maximum potential for growth and that's why you then go to a "maintenance" use with it. My guess is that if you stop using it altogether and go back your baseline over 6 months, you'll see the product has been working, but you've reached your maximum for growth and are now in more of a maintenance mode.

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