Can Latisse Be Prescribed to People with Tricholomania?

I have tricholomania and only pull my eyelashes and i am wondering if it can help to grow back my eyelashes faster.

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Tricholomania and Latisse

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Latisse works on active hair follicles, so as long as your eyelash follicles are unharmed from your Tricholomania it will work to regrow them faster. I'm just hoping you aren't looking to make them grow faster so you can pull them out faster for your Tricholomania because eventually you can harm the follicles and nothing will be able to grow.

Trichotillomania and Latisse

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   Latisse can be used to improve eyelash growth, but constant pulling can damage the follicle.  The trichotillomania should be managed by another health care provider to help achieve the best results.

Using Latisse for trichotillomania

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The term is actually trichotillomania that is used for the action of compulsively pulling out your own hair. If it is repeated often enough it can lead to scarring and permanent hair loss and then nothing will help to regrow your hair. Make sure you get help to stop pulling out your eyelashes and then you can try Latisse to help them grow back.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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