Permanent Eye Color Change After Latisse?

Can Latisse permanently turn my blue eyes brown?

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Permanent Eye Color Change After Latisse

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There are no cases reported, to which I am aware, of Latisse turning a blue iris darker. The "parent" drug of Latisse, called Lumigan, which is used for glaucoma as an eyedrop in the eye, has been reported to do this on rare occasion. Since Latisse is applied to the eyelid, and not directly to the eye, a much smaller dosage is applied, so I don't believe this is a realistic concern.

Baltimore Ophthalmologist


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There were reports of this occurring when Lumigen, the same medication as Latisse, was being used for glaucoma. That is there were cases of blue eyes turning brown. . However, in using Lumigen the drops are placed directly into the eye. The directions for Latisse specifically state that the drug is to be applied only to the eyelash. As long as you are following directionst there should be no problem.

In the studies preceding the approval of Latisse, there were no cases in which this happened.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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