Latisse for Patient with Trichotillimania?

Will Latisse help regrow my lashes which are very thin, weak and some have no color? I have suffered from untreated trichotillimania (lash pulling) for decades.

I initially saw some results with Latisse within the first 3 weeks, but after 2 months, the seemingly mature lashes (longest) are falling out on their own. Are my lash follicles too damaged from the pulling?

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Latisse for Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder where one twists and pulls on hair and/or lashes. Latisse will grow eyelashes only where hair follicles are capable of growing. Latisse will work in this condition as long as the condition is under control. Perhaps you are pulling lashes in your sleep or when you don't realize it. I recommend using a sleep mask or shield over the eyes for a few weeks to see if this makes a difference. If the follicles are damaged Latisse will not work. The lashes do eventually fall out with Latisse, they just take longer to fall out than without the product.

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