Do You Think Latisse is Safe for Lower Eyelashes?

Why is it not for use on lower lashes? For those of us who have thin, light-colored, skimpy lashes, doesn't thickening and darkening only the upper lashes seem like conquering only half of the problem? Thus, still requiring the application of mascara to the lower lashes to make them visible.Any users of Latisse who have successfully treated the lower lashes? Please comment.

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Some things you need to know first about Latisse

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Latisse has only been approved for the upper eyelashes. If you want to put it on the lowers, there are a few issues:

1. Some of the product that has been placed on the upper lashes will contact the lowers anyway when you close your eyes.

2. You will use up the product faster if you put it on the lowers

3. You may be risking getting the product on your eyeball when you place it on the lower lid, thus increasing your risk for permanent darkening of your iris.

4. If your lower lashes get longer, they can curl in and irritate your eyeball

If you understand these risks, there is no reason to think that it shouldn't be effective for the lower lashes. Keep in mind that you would be using the product in way other than recommended and if you do have a complication, you may not have any recourse.

Hope that helps!

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