Can Latisse Be Used for Eyelash Loss Due to Ocular Rosacea?

Can latisse be used for eyelass loss associated with ocular rosacea and blepharitis associated with seb derm? I have ocular rosacea - i have some inflammation causing dryness of my eye and suspected blepharitis. i dont have crusting. i'm on antibiotics for the rosacea. my eyelashes are falling out - i lose about 8 from each eye daily. the new ones that grow in - are short and misdirect

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Latisse can be used to treat eyelash loss due to ocular rosacea

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Latisse can be used to treat eyelash loss due to ocular rosacea. However, it’s not usually recommended to use Latisse in patients with ocular rosacea because it can make the eyelids even more red in color. Therefore, I wouldn’t use Latisse if I had ocular rosacea.

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