Lashes Falling out Normal a Week After Latisse?

I have very short and sparse eyelashes. I have been using Latisse for 1 week and noticed that my eyelashes are falling out. When I get up in the morning, they are on my face and pillow. Is this normal and will it stop? Should I keep using it?

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Lashes should not start falling out when you start Latisse

It is not normal to find a lot of lashes falling out one week after starting Latisse. Latisse keeps lashes in the growth phase longer than they would have been, so you might expect less lashes to fall out on Latisse. Is there another problem that might be causing your lashes to fall out? Were your lashes normal before you started Latisse? I suggest you go back to your doctor who can help you figure out why this is happening.

Good luck!

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