Will Latisse and Elastilash Used Together Give More Results?

I have been using Latisse for 11 weeks now on my upper lashes at night. I am thinking of using ElastiLASH during the morning as I heard good reviews about it. Will I get better results?

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Are two products better than one?

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More isn't always better.  You haven't yet reached your end result with Latisse.  I would say, just be patient.  Apply the Latisse at night to the lash line...just one drop per side...and don't worry about another product in the morning.  Latisse is a prescription strength product with proven results, FDA clearance and is clear about its ingredients... over the counter knock off products are not. Give it time. You'll see results.  I don't think anything will let you achieve results more quickly.

Good luck!  Have Patience.


Dr. Grant Stevens           

Latisse and Elastilash Can be Used Together

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Latisse affects the growing hair at the level of the follicle. Elastilash simply coats the hairs so they appear thicker. Therefore, there should be no harm in using them together. However, as you suggested, apply them at different times. There are approximately 100 to 150 eyelashes on each upper eyelid. The growth of eyelashes is cyclical, going through 3 stages: a growth phase, a transition phase, and a resting phase. At any given time, numerous hair follicles can be found in each of the different stages. The growth phase of an average eyelash hair is approximately 1 to 2 months. Latisse has been shown to increase the amount of time each eyelash hair remains in the growing phase. The application of Latisse has also been scientifically proven to increase the thickness of eyelash hair as well as the darkness of each hair. This is most likely due to an increased production of pigment within each hair follicle. Typically, within 4 months of application, Latisse can increase the length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes and improve all the traits that are associated with greater prominence and overall attractiveness of the eyelashes.

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