If Latisse Becomes Approved for Scalp Use & I Stop the Rogaine Will I Lose Hair from Stopping Rogaine? (photo)

when you stop using rogaine it is said that you will lose the hair gained. What would happen if latisse becomes approved for scalp treatment of hair growth and I want to use that? I will want to discontinue rogaine...but I dont want the side effects of doing so. what are your thoughts? I havent started rogaine yet..but I want to do damage control before my crown gets too thin. should I just wait for latisse to come out? and will it be soon you think? Thanks

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Latisse to the scalp

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At this point, Latisse to the scalp is at best, 12-24 months away, or more. It takes a long time for medications to become FDA approved. You won't LOSE the hair you were applying the Rogaine to, just like you don't lose the lashes if you stop using Latisse on them, but what it does is stop the growth process that's been occurring there. The hairs or lashes don't just fall out or anything like that, they just stop growing. So you can use Rogaine if you wish, until the Latisse comes out for the scalp, and then switch over.

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