Latisse and Damaged Eyelid, Can I Get the Eyelids Tattooed? (photo)

It appears that I have damage to my eyelids at the eyelash line. it looks like blistering skin and looks fragile. Can I successfully have my eyelids tattooed?

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Latisse and Permanent Makeup

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Patients that use Latisse have no problem with also getting their eyeliner tattooed.  I'm confused with your statement of blistering skin.  In your photo I do not see anything as such. 

Follow up with your provider that you received the Latisse from for a more accurate recommendation and clearance to get permanent makeup done.

Good luck.

Dr. Grant Stevens

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Latisse and eyelid tattooing

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Latisse is usually ok for people who plan to have their eyelids tattooed, but I am a bit concerned about the "damage" you are noting. Did this happen from using the Latisse, or have you had this problem before? How long ago did you use it, and have you stopped? I'd consult the intended provider of the eyelid tattooing and see what he/she says because you may need to wait for your eyelids to heal more.

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